MCRO Build Instructions

This is the build guide for the MCRO Macropad which is available for purchase here.


This guide assumes that you already know how to, and have experience of how to solder through-hole components. If you do not know how to or have never soldered before then it is a good idea to have a little research into methods before continuing; there are many resources online for learning how to solder but as a quick link here is a video which looks at the specific type of soldering required for this kit.

We also are happy to provide one to one support during your build through our Discord Server.

Before you begin building this kit, please make sure that along with the contents of the kit you also have:

  • A Raspberry Pi Pico - We don't currently stock these, so I have linked to our good friends @, however there are plenty of other sources available.
  • MX type keyswitches.
  • Keycaps.
  • A soldering iron - We recommend getting one with adjustable temperature.
  • Solder - We prefer to use lead-free solder but this is a personal preference.

Instructions begin here:

  1.  Please double check the kit to make sure that you have all the parts (please note that screws/standoffs may differ from picture.
  2. Fit the male headers into the female headers.
  3. Place the female headers (the larger of the two) into the PCB.
  4. Place the Pi Pico onto the male headers.
  5. You will notice that before you have soldered these components, they're a bit wobbly, it is important for this step to keep them aligned and straight. Using something of equal with to the headers, use it to balance the pcb and the pico:
  6. Now, solder along each row of header pins. Below is a guide to show what you should be aiming each solder joint to be like.
  7. Once you have soldered the headers to the PCB, flip it over and do the same with the Pico:
  8. Remove the Pico to keep it safe for the rest of the build.
  9. Next we will move onto the diodes, all the diodes on this board face the same orientation, this is marked on the PCB with a white band on the footprint for each diode location, this matches with the black band on the diode itself.
  10. Making sure that you follow the above orientation for each diode, feed their legs through the holes and bend them to each side so that they hold themselves in place. Then, solder them into place.
  11. fffdasfs
    Clip away the legs and discard.
  12. Fit and solder the switches in the same way, you won't need to clip the switch legs as they will already be the correct length.
  13. Take a screw and a standoff and attach to each corner through the mounting holes.
  14. Screw the backplate into place.
  15. Reattach the Pi Pico

And you're done! Next; add some keycaps and flash the firmware (link to be added to firmware configure/flash guide)