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Delirium TKL Hotswap Kit

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An ISO only Keyboard kit of unique design.


Kit includes:

  •  90x 1n4148 diodes
  •  1x 3mm LED
  •  3x 5.1K resistors
  •  1x 3d printed Black spacing rim
  •  1x Switch Plate acrylic
  •  1x Backplate acrylic
  •  1x top cover acrylic
  •  1x main PCB (type-c port and hotswap sockets will be pre-soldered)
  •  some extra screws and standoffs
MCU not included, MCU you need is a raspberry pi pico.


Firmware can be found here and json for sideloading VIA(L) can be found here.

This keyboard is open source and you can find its design files here. what you find on github will likely be newer than this revision of keyboard.

Keycaps and switches are NOT included you are purchasing a DIY Keyboard Kit.



If you select the pre-built kit variant, it may take a few days to a week to build before it is sent.