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A 4x3 macropad powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico (Sold Separately)

This is a kit for soldering at home. A great mini project for those who are just starting out with soldering as well as tinkering with the CircuitPython programming language.

Powered by CircuitPython & KMK

Firmware is available here.

Instructions for building.

You will need to buy key switches (5pin recommended), keycaps & a Raspberry Pi Pico separately**

Included in the kit:

1x Macropad pcb

1x Backplate

2x Pin headers

2x PCB headers

15x Diodes (12 needed, 3 extra for good luck)

8x M2 screws

4x Standoffs

Visit the Github repo.

**We highly recommend that you socket your Pi Pico for easy removal from the board (the parts for socketing are included), we plan on releasing our own drop-in replacement Pi Pico controller that has a USB-C socket at some point in the future.